Doctoral Candidates in Smart Mobility

The Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering research group is seeking highly motivated and creative doctoral students who would undertake research in the area of Smart Mobility. The broad research scope includes understanding the impact that automation, digitalization, and servitisation will have in our mobility systems, as well as developing strategies and services aiming for a more sustainable and carbon neutral society. The candidates must have a high motivation for research and enjoy working in an international and cross-disciplinary team.

The position should start in late 2019 and is intended for full-time work. The selected individuals will work under supervision of Assistant Professor Milos Mladenovic and Assistant Professor Claudio Roncoli. The successful applicant will have possibility to cooperate with world-class researchers, as well as to attend scientific conferences and meetings. Moreover, the research group provides strong support and academic freedom, with possibilities for interdisciplinary collaboration, both internationally and within Aalto University.


Milos N. Mladenovic, PhD
Assistant Professor
Spatial Planning and Transportation Engineering

Department of Built Environment
Aalto University, Finland

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