Simio LLC® даровао симулациони софтвер Саобраћајном факултету


Компанија Simio LLC® даровала је свој симулациони софтвер у вредности од 48000 долара Саобраћајном факултету.

"Congratulations! Simio LLC® is pleased to acknowledge approval of a grant of $48000 (usd) to University of Belgrade to support teaching and research in simulation. This award will take the form of 20 copies of Simio® Academic Edition for installation on school computers.

This software is full-capability software including discrete and continuous modeling, object library development, and 3D animation.  Please install Simio using the latest release.  We are confident that you will like Simio’s power, flexibility, and ease of use. Simio includes many innovations which make it particularly appropriate for inclusion in an undergraduate or graduate curriculum. I encourage you to take advantage of the resources on our web site ( and included on the Support ribbon in the Simio software so that you can get the most from Simio."


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